Hi, I’m Dave Stott. I’m a photographer based in Manchester in the UK.
Since 2017 I’ve been creating images of the wildlife, landscape and nature that I encounter whether at home or on my travels.
I am passionate and dedicated to photographing the landscape and wildlife of the United Kingdom.
This dedication holds an even stronger value in my photography since I have to wait in sun, wind and rain for hours before capturing that one fleeting, magical moment.
My goal is to educate and promote the wealth of diversity we find in nature. The conservation of our landscapes and wildlife habitats is paramount to my work.
As a conservation photographer, it is my duty to capture the beauty of places and species at risk and raise awareness through the universal power of the images I capture.
Photography has the power to persuade and motivate. This makes it crucial for protecting our wild species and places.
Feel free to browse my portfolio and if you’re interested, you can visit my store where all my images are available for purchase commercially or as prints.
Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy my work.
Dave Stott, The Photographer

​​​​​​​Dave Stott 

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